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Sometimes, we all go through difficult ‌seasons in our lives, where we need some extra support to help guide us through. ‌Our highly qualified counselling staff can ‌support you to build positive relationship ‌habits, manage conflict and strengthen ‌your relationship aspirations.
We will welcome you, respect your culture and beliefs and supportively work with diverse relationship and family arrangements. Our counselling services are designed to help you to meet the challenges of life and relationships.

if you have never had ‌
a counselling appointment ‌
with us before

if you have previously ‌
engaged in counselling‌ ‌
with us before.

if you have been to a counselling appointment with us but it has been more than 6 months since your last appointment.

PLEASE NOTE: For Child Counselling appointments, the initial (first) appointment will always be for the PARENT ONLY. ‌
Further appointments for your children will be made in discussion with your counsellor.

If you are wishing to book an EAP
(Employee Assistance Program)‌appointment,
please contact our office directly on
1300 477 433

Convenient for You

You can choose whether you would prefer 
‌face to face, phone or video counselling 
‌sessions, with a limited number of evening 
‌appointments also available.

Should you encounter any difficulties 
‌with the booking system,

‌please contact our office on 1300 477 433
‌or send an email to

Attending counselling has changed my life.
‌I am now doing very well and have started a small business.
‌I am very thankful for the assistance.